IBEX, Cold Poles of Venus, Makemake, Dark Sunshine, Andromeda Blows Bubbles and Bystander Apathy

August 2, 2016

We are back! After an extended break the Beauty In The Universe Show is back and this week we discuss the Andromeda Galaxy blowing giant bubbles, IBEX exploring the boundary of interstellar space, dark sunshine, the frigid poles of Venus and the new moon discovered orbiting the planetoid Makemake, and Laura talks to us about an experiment dealing with bystander apathy, aka the Bystander Effect. Contact us at adam@astronomeradam.com or follow me on Twitter.

Adam's links

Andromeda blowing bubbles

Dark sunshine

IBEX exploring the boundary of interstellar space

Makemake's new moon

The frigid poles of Venus


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