The Birth of Neutrino Astronomy, Mega Rockets, A Black Hole Fountain and More!

August 24, 2015

This week Laura and I discuss the ushering of a new era of astronomy thanks to the discovery of cosmic neutrinos, NASA's new rocket that will take us further faster, and more cheaply, the regulation of star birth by a black hole fountain, and Laura talks us through the connection between picky eaters, fussy eaters and mental illness. Subscribe through iTunes or Stitcher, leave a comment here or a review on iTunes, and feel free to email us at Enjoy!

Adam's links

Cosmic neutrinos discovered

NASA's SLS mega rocket

Black hole fountain

Baby Jupiter

Laura's link

Picky eating and mental illness


Mysterious Euphrosyne Asteroids, Space Vegetables, Stalking the ISS Radio and More!

August 13, 2015

In this week's show Laura and I discuss the mysterious asteroid outcasts known as the Euphrosynes, growing vegetables in space, amateur radio link to the ISS and more astronomy. Laura also talks us through the psychology of vaccination hysteria. Leave a comment at or email

This week's links

The Euphrosynes

Space Vegetables

Amateur radio link to the ISS

ROSETTA spots an outburst from comet 67-P Churyumov-Gerasimenko

Flight over Atlantic Chaos

Particles clumping together like planetesimals

Laura's links

Vaccination hysteria and the 'Backfire Effect'

Wonky Donkey

Mallet's Mallet


Extra Solar Brown Dwarf Aurora, Great Space Robots, Uhura Flying With NASA and More!

August 3, 2015

In this week's edition of the Beauty In The Universe Show Laura and I discuss the first sighting of aurorae outside of our solar system, Pallab Ghosh's great robotic space missions, Nichelle Nichols taking flight plus more astronomy. Laura also gives an exposition on anxiety and egocentrism. Feel free top comment, subscribe via iTunes and Stitcher, and email us if you like. Enjoy!

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Earth 2.0, Windbots, Destructive Pulsar and the Science of Childhood Trauma

July 27, 2015

This week Laura and I discuss the recent discovery of a potential Earth analogue planet, exploring gas giant planets with wind powered robots, a pulsar that has punched a hole in its stellar disk and Laura talks us through the psychology of childhood trauma. Also, Stepphen Fry and Tensing Norgay both receive astronomical honours and NASA gives us the greatest hits from Pluto so far. Feel free to comment, ask questions or whatever and you can email us at Don't forget to subscribe through iTunes or Stitcher.


Special Edition - New Horizons Arrives!

July 17, 2015

This week's podcast is a New Horizons special, plus Laura talks about the secret life of melatonin. To see all links ond media relating to this podcast visit or email us any comments questions or whatever at


A Ringing Universe, a Pyramid on Ceres Plus News From New Horizons, Rosetta and Stunning Shots From Cassini!

July 6, 2015

This week, in a planetary science-flavoured episode, Laura and I talk about whether the universe is ringing, an ultraviolet surprise in the coma of of comet 67-P-Churyumov/Gerasimenko as discovered by Rosetta, the latest images from Cassini, DAWN spots a pyramid on Ceres, New Horizons brings us news of methane on Pluto and Laura talks us through depression and the hippocampus in the brain, and the trouble with siblings. Enjoy!

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Philae Awakened, Helium shrouded Planets, NASA Robotics Challenge and the Science of BDSM!

June 22, 2015

In this week's podcast Laura and I discuss Philae's reawakening, potentially common helium-shrouded planets, NASA makes a robotics challenge and Laura talks us through the science of BDSM and the dreadful way in which the Fifty Shades trilogy depicts it.

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Solar Sails, John Glenn vs Creationist Loonie, Cleo Loi Discovers Plasma Tubes & Leonard Nimoy gets an Asteroid!

June 10, 2015

In this week's show Laura and I talk about Bill Nye's successful solar sail test mission, Ken Ham (creationist nut case) attacks Mercury Seven legend John Glenn, Pluto's tumbling moons, Hydra and Nix, Leonard Nimoy's asteroid and Laura tells us about the bizarre memory experiment that has thrown psychology a curve ball. As ever, email questions, comments and compliments to

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Dark Materials on Europa, Lopsided Supernovae, 3D Printing in Space, Missing Galaxies and Borrowed Memories!

June 2, 2015

This week Laura and I discuss what the dark material on the surface of Europa might be, the potential of 3D printing within space travel, lopsided star explosions, the discovery of missing galaxies (hiding in plain sight) and Laura gives us a fascinating insight in to the concept of borrowed memories. As always, feel free to leave a comment or you can email comments, questions, thoughts etc to

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Space Shuttle Tampon Overload, Venus Atmospheric Drones, The Most Distant Galaxy EVER and More!

May 28, 2015

This week Laura and I discuss NASA overloading Sally Ride with feminine hygiene, Grumman's VAMP concept describing a drone flying on Venus for a year, the most distant galaxy ever observed, the latest news on the bright spots on Ceres and a whole lot more. Enjoy!

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